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If you are like one of many thousands of high school students getting ready for college, you most definitely will need help with test preparation for SAT or ACT. Our teachers/tutors have been helping our students for years work through the practice tests, evaluate their performance with our comprehensive explanation, develop the skills that you’ll need to score high on the test. We help students get the most out of their effort. The SAT preparation programs and test-taking strategies, gathered from the most reliable and trusted sources available, like Kaplan SAT prep course, are uniquely designed to help you produce higher scores on the test and we’ll help you to achieve it.


Why private tuition?

The number one consideration for seeking private tutoring services is that a private tutor can work at a child’s pace giving him or her much-needed one-on-one attention. Children, as well as adults, have different learning styles and capabilities to learn and a personal tutor should be able to recognize them and work to their strengths and preferences in the way that would be impossible to do in multi-students setting with the same proficiency.

A good private tutor will not only teach your child core subjects and prepare to tests such asĀ SAT, ACT, but will also teach them necessary skills needed to do better in school, better manage time by staying focused on the subject and pay attention to what is being taught and emphasized in class.

Private and secure

A private tutor frees parents from the duties of conducting a child’s homework sessions themselves when they feel like they don’t have enough time to be with their children while still being able to monitor child’s activities or simply making sure the learning prossess goes uninterupted.

Sometimes students may not be as willing to ask questions in a large class, but working with a private tutor gives them more confidence and the freedom to speak out.

Fast, easy
and affordable

Private tutor is convenient. If you can find a tutor who is willing to come to you instead of vice-versa, you will save the time and bother involved in travel.

Scheduling your child’s next lesson when it best suits them means that they can fit study into an already busy schedules with hobbies, sports, and other activities.

We make sure our rates stay competitive to those of other agencies and with unique methods, you will need fewer classes to achieve great results.

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”

Benjamin Franklin